Current Onetap v3 Review

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Hello, today I will be expressing my fully honest opinion about Onetap v3, and I'm also gonna be talking about its current state and such as its pros and cons.
Everything I said, has nothing to do against the Onetap staff team, just my general thoughts about the cheat.

Current Cheat STATE: 6.5/10

The cheat is a rage cheat, its a HvH cheat, and the current situation for legit it is not bad, but the rank Reveal is not working but overall its good for legit cheating. I never tried this cheat for movement. The cheat needed a huge update on rage bot, like point scale muilty point. i will detailed introduction to the disadvantages of ragebot down blow. The anti aim is not good as other private cheat and i do not wanna say anything about it because most of hvhers are dt+baim+wait for the onshot.

Current Legitbot STATE: 7/10
I do not use legit bot a lot because most of the time i am semiraging, but to me it is easy to configure and barely go obv with my very legit cfg, and please fix the rank reveal in the next update.

Current Ragebot STATE: 6/10
Semi rage: It had a very useful feature when you semi raging called "Disable auto wall" and "Rage bot Fov", it helped me a lot to verses Super Balanted legit cheater. But to the newcomers they do not know how to use or turn on "pitch" in Rage AA, and they always complaining that No "Legit aa for me when i semi raging" And begging for A Legit AA JS.
Full Rage: It had a Major issue called point scale and Hitbox, I think everyone knows it and I do not want to talk about it, When I turn off the point scale the cheat barely miss but once i turned it on, it missing Body and will miss most of the time, i think onetap really should fix that issue.
And the most of important thing is please Add back Hitbox override and min dmg override, its the most important features in hvh.
AA: Is it just me that when i turn on jitter it makes me laggy, like when i bhoping its like kinda laggy (not fl issue, DT was enabled), Compare to onetap v2, V3 is less customizable and you need An aa js if you wanna get lagsync and more. Should add some more features on it. To me AA is not good as other private cheat.
Overall onetap's Resolver is not as bad as you guys said but it really needs to fix some major problems.

Current ESP STATE: 8/10
100000% better than Aimware's Shitty visuals, easy to cfgure, looks clean.

Misc: 10/10
have everything i need, if you need more features just ask for a JS

JS: 8/10
I do not know anything about scripting and I hate lua system and Js system, but it does gives me a lot of convenient like: trolling, indicator......

OVERALL: 6.5/10
I give this cheat a 6.5/10 for Current Performance, could be better but idk, we will see in the next update.
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