Best Cheat in the market Rn?

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Hey Fellas. After a Month of using Ot firstly when i bought it people were like u waster your money and stuff but i didnt give a shit about them and continued to play with it. After making a Good Cfg for it and finding some good anti aims, I was like Godlike with it. I would prefer using auto with this but scout is still not bad with It. I Would Highly Recommend this Cheat for Good users aswell as new. Easy Interface of the cheat and all things are present <3. Thanks to the Owners and staff for the Quick Response Time and Making this cheat This P <3


Needs update i guess
It is true a small update wouldn`t hurt. But you can`t complain about spread misses (even tho when you spam real gs fake it still says spread for some odd reason)
or resolver since now it`s desync and not a really anti-aim when it was back in 2018