4 Month onetap.su Review by Kate

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Kate's 4 Month onetap.su Review
this took me forever like it or ill cum in ur mum

Okay so here is how this review is going to go down. I am going to describe all the random features of the cheat (that I have opinions on) and share my honest view point to the full extent. While it might seem at times I am dick-riding this cheat, I am absolutely not and just sharing my honest opinion, if at times you feel I am "shitting" on the cheat, I am not, again, just expressing my honest opinion.

Who am I? Why are my opinions worth the time I spent expressing them? Well, I have been playing HvH since 2014 and it has been VERY different and changes quite often. I have used MANY public and free cheats just to learn. I am friends with a few bigger developers who have taught me valuable information as to where most of the time I can describe EXACTLY what is going to happen before it happens. While this might seem like I am predicting the future, it is just me knowing when my cheat is going to miss / hit or get hit... etc... while I do understand loads of concepts I am still not anywhere near as knowledgeable as some in this community. I still am learning all the time and try to provide people with accurate information as much as possible. I resell onetap and am very trusted, I also sell configs for onetap. I have 1200 people in my discord which I made public for my free onetap configs in mid February so I am definitely quite known in this specific community. I do not have really any big private cheats (fanta skeet fatality etc....) thanks shifto, love you buddy :) so my opinion might be bias at times.

Now that all that boring shit is out of the way, lets jump into this cluster-fuck (i cannot do the graphics for shit, I am quite braindead ngl)

Legit: I have not used onetap's legit bot as much as I am kind of against legit cheating. The subtle times I am in non-prime and do use it I used Kitty's configs (little too blatant for me so I did turn all visuals off, bhop off, and other random blatant shit) and it looked so good. You couldn't tell at all. I used to be rank G on esea and it made me look like that again, not like a cheater but just a really fucking good player which is the intention. I am very impressed with the little time I have spent legit cheating. For not being a legit cheat, the legit bot is 10/10.. absolutely insane.

Rage: The onetap ragebot is VERY different from release. It has had MANY changes over the past few months, some being subtle small changes while others being complete reworks. I have over the past 4 months after big updates thought, "wow.. why the HELL was the released, it is dogshit!" Especially with the entire community agreeing with me. After the first day or two of the launch of some of these "questionable" updates, users released INSANE media with it. I have realized the with the way things change you must re-learn how to configure it. The cheat's rage tab is so customizable and different that when they rework something, it requires fine-tuning to be just right. Once it is there, you are the best and will be on top of the hvh community. I see many users thinking the cheat isn't good or has gotten worse ALL the time, ESPECIALLY when new updates drop. After I learned that it was all config issues, I really dove into the ragebot and spent the time learning exactly what each feature did and what the values did for it. This allowed me to create a perfect set of settings and produce a great config. This is honestly just super fun and makes hvh not just boring and a waste of time. This cheat isn't for braindead users (unless you want to just buy someone's config of course), it requires motivation to make the cheat perform the way you want it to. I am overly satisfied with the ragebot, when I finally got it customized correctly, I wouldn't miss. I still now, if the enemy's head is out, I have to peek just far enough to shoot it and they are dead 100% of the time (scout of course). The resolver is so insane and does exactly what is expected CONSISTENTLY! While it will miss from time to time when shooting, all resolvers will do this. No cheat won't miss certain shots. Onetap never misses onshot (for me) making me just dominate. I really enjoy how everything is customizable to personal preference and you can make the cheat work towards your play style. It hits insane p and is overall just fun lol...

Anti-Hit: Anti-hit (anti-aim or aa) is by far superior to many cheats. While it isn't SUPER customizable, it does it's job. It makes people dump with close to default settings, that is pretty fucking hilarious to me. There could be much more customization, but why add something pointless? If the basic AA is superior to all other aa why change it? I 100% believe that some new options should be implemented to make it 100% custom for everyone, but where it is at right now is just so good, anything else might be a waste of time. They have improved and added many functions to what users have suggested (such as the entire rework of manual AAs) which I can use freestanding mixed with manual at anytime. I have learned that, while pressing manual keys at times, that the AA is doing exactly what I would want it to do for me. The freestanding (detection of enemies and walls to hide your head and put your body in the best spot available is honestly the best I have seen since fake angles were patched.

Visuals (players too): Beautiful... 100% custom and make everything look nicer without touching your fps. Not much to say about them except just insane and fun to fuck around with! The distance on players are nice and shows everything that is needed.. no improvements can really be added at this point lol!

Staff: Best staff. For a shitty community like this, they are some GREAT ass people and will help with most situations even if they aren't inclined to do so. They could be real shitty like other providers **cough cough aimware** and just ignore you but they respond to your tickets within MINUTES. Love them all... I am only gay for some of them - don't ask who.
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Good review, I would disagree where you called it a trash community, the only thing that makes it bad is a handful of people.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


nice review kate, i like the last part when u take evidence for aimware, they are really lazy shit asses. n1 onetap support confirmed


Good review, I would disagree where you called it a trash community, the only thing that makes it bad is a handful of people.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
is this a joke? community is a group of people if 70% people are toxic = shit community and is true


is this a joke? community is a group of people if 70% people are toxic = shit community and is true
Depends on the country and where/when you play

Also who you are

50% of people are complete dicks to me cause they are random and dogshit, 25% kiss my ass for free shit.. 25% are actually cool
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