3 Month Review

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So I've been using onetap since v1 and the cheat has definitely had its ups and down. I'm not going to do the whole part by part review everyone does because I feel like thats a dumb way to review it. Honestly, onetap is my favorite cheat. It allows me to play like I'm missing a few chromosones and still top frag. Anyone that says its resolver is bad, just can't config. Visuals and AA are meh, but they definitely get the job done. Now lets talk about the issues with the cheat. The biggest one is lag comp. They supposedly "fixed" it, but I think we can all agree its more broken than ever. I will frequently shoot a string of shots 3 feet behind their head, and its not a config issue. Most users are experiencing the same issues, and its really fucking the cheat. When it gets fixed, onetap will once again be on top. Finally, PLEASE add target delay beck to the ragebot. I'm not sure why it was removed, but it was hella p when it still existed. I understand it could've been breaking other things, but please find some way to bring it back. Despite these issues, onetap is still the best public cheat, and stomps most private cheats also.
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