3 Month Review.

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Rage Bot - 9/10
I really like the rage bot however it isn't perfect. Out of the 3 popular cheats I have used onetap can hit head the most, I like all features of it however rarely it will miss head which is understandable but it also misses body however that only happens maybe 1/20 times I shoot.

Anti-Aim - 8/10
The Anti-Aim is good and can be made very hard to hit with proper settings. Only thing I would like most is more customization with some examples like automatic anti-aim inverter or being able to set different pitches without turning off anti-untrusted (obviously not being able to use fake up/down without anti-untrusted off)

Legit - Can't really give a rating but 7.5/10
For me the legit bot is just different and this rating mostly comes from the fact that I am used to a certain different cheats legit bot and this is just different to me. I'm sure it's good and the legit aa is good at trolling although I've been told by my friend that sometimes it flicks to the side.

Visuals - siiiiiiiiick/10

Misc - 9/10
I like all of the misc features and it has everything I could really think of in terms of misc. features. The cheat really doesn't need a LUA API as it is already near perfection however adding it would be cool but just not necessary

Ease Of Use - 9.5/10
The cheat is really easy to use, near every feature is easily explained by hovering over if although it already is easy to figure out without the descriptions.

Skins - 9/10
I like the skin changer, it allows you to use a wide range of skins on weapons that don't normally support it. It doesn't lag the game much with each skin change and the view model features like roll are p. The only thing is that some skins (specifically Ice Cap) can't be used on weapons other than it's native weapon which for this example is the tec-9

Overall I'd rate the cheat a 9.5/10, the support is good and even when it got cracked the devs worked quick to make sure than not only we were compensated but also that they pushed updates which really shows that they care about the community. Thank you.
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Much agreed. While I don't have much experience with other pay to cheats, and I'm going off what i've heard, onetap is a really good cheat. I'd rate it a solid 8.5/10, again, a really solid cheat. However, i've heard a good mass of people on hvh servers say they'd buy onetap if it had a lua api.

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