[1st Day] Onetap Review

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Hear me out, i've only been using onetap for a day, and im not the best hvh'er. So be warned about my review.

Lets start!

Legit Bot - Legit Features
I'm not gonna say what anyone else hasnt said, its not the best. Its nice, but still i wouldn't use it. I mostly just use ESP for legit use.

HvH - Rage Features -
I'm not an HVHer at all, but this made me want to hvh, its one of the best i have EVER used in the world. Its probably the best on the market.

UI - Loader - Ease of Use -
Now, I'm not saying the UI is bad im saying its mostly the loader. I dont know how it works or anything it just isn't that useful, again i haven't done a lot of cheating so im not sure if this is the quality standard but its still not BAD. The UI is pretty good, but i've herd the V1 is better. A couple of bugs like not being able to launch CS:GO a second time i've encountered (and it not loading onetap).

What did I personally like?
Now, I like the cheat as a whole. Its well spent 26$ (reseller, normally 22.45$) and the community and staff were very nice to me! I'm pretty new to HvH's so. But its going really well.

(Each star is 8 points)

Love the cheat and cant wait to use it more!


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good review, i disagree with 5 stars for ragebot, 4 would be perfect but opinion is not disputed
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