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100% honest review


So first off I just want to say that I'm not a very good HvH'er at all.

Legit Bot: Its pretty good but I don't really do much in terms of "playing legit" but the few times I did use it it wasn't very bad. 8/10

Rage Bot: For me the rage bot works extremely well. I rarely ever dump shots and I'm almost always hitting heads 9/10

Anti-Aim: It's not amazing in terms of being able to customize but I do get trannyhake and fatal to shoot fake a few times. 8/10

Misc: Not really much to say here because it has everything you need. 10/10

Loader: I feel the loader needs to be updated to how the in game menu looks. Slow loads times. Slow injection times. Doesn't even close steam for you. 6/10 (would be higher if it at least closed steam)

Other then that it's a pretty decent cheat and I like using it.

(note: i drop 35+ kills a game when I'm not updating my config)