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Early adopter
(Gotta say how impressed I am with the cheat overall! Bare in mind when I review cheats I do like to compare them to previous one I've used)

- I don't really use cheats to play legit so I can't really say much about it but there are so many legit options to choose from, I'm sure if you're a legit player you'd have a lot of fun with it. -/10

- Has everything you need for a HvH cheat, I've not had to use the override key once, nor the force baim key just because of how accurate and how well made the resolver is. Weapon Configs are imo a must in every cheat, of course onetap does have this as well, the cheat even has a sureshot key which is brilliant considering how long this cheat has been out for, I'm not sure how many other cheats have this IF ANY. I don't play NS so I can't give an opinion unfortunately. Also the cheat's name is onetap; it does exactly that. 10/10

AA (Anti-hit):
- Second best AA cheat I have actually used, nothing can beat Getze however onetap is the closest by a mile, you don't even need to use fakewalk, you can just hold w and have people shoot nothing, it's great. The LBY breaker is insane btw, it genuinely is the best I've used. 9.5/10

- One of the most important things imo just because I like my videos to look nice, I am not disappointed with the visuals in this cheat at all, exactly what you'd expect, I wouldn't say there is anything unique but then again they're visuals, most cheats have practically the same stuff but some are obviously cleaner than others, when I first got the cheat it didn't have No Fog which made visuals look a little messy imo, but now it's been added it makes the cheat look even better. 9/10

Misc: 2 words.
- But seriously though the miscellaneous aspect of this cheat is quality, especially the Infinite crouch, so glad the cheat has this, not as unique as it once was since Fatality I believe has it now, also Clantag Changer, although useless it's a bit of fun to play around with. Inventory access as well is great. 10/10 (Infinite Crouch is an extra 1 :p)

Anything else:
- Community is actually really nice, been part of many toxic ones, not going to blast them but .pub was one of them along with .net, haven't ran into anyone not willing to help, also there are an array of configs to chose from, people aren't even bothered if you ask for a config or ask for help with one, the staff team are quick to respond and supportive, llama is llama, consistent coder and throws updates out there, none are forced updates either, they're always pushed carefully and with good reasoning. I'm excited to see what else onetap is able to do with other cheats in the future! 10/10 <3


Staff member
Great review, thank you! We're glad to have you here, and we hope you'll enjoy even more in future! :)
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