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  1. harryd2000

    neither would i - ot highlights #3 :)

    Like and sub : )))
  2. harryd2000

    onetap v3 highlights #2 : )

    like and sub : >)
  3. harryd2000


    go like and sub ^^
  4. harryd2000

    First Day With OneTap!

    My first day with onetap: RageBot: 10/10 It's extremely easy to configure and the menu is super clean, It has nice animations and doesn't look a mess all over your screen unlike other cheats *cough* aimware. I rarely miss and consistently hold a 2kd in big hvh servers. The resolver is almost...
  5. harryd2000

    Is there a onetap discord server?

    is there a onetap discord server?
  6. harryd2000

    Am i allowed to get hwid reset every week, as i go between my mum and dad's house every week?

    I want to buy OT as in my opinion it is the best public cheat out there and i was just wondering if i can use it at both houses. I can provide anything you need to show i aren't account sharing.