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  1. Chateauhv

    Review After using 1 Year

    u are already 1'ed
  2. Chateauhv

    Review After using 1 Year

    dm me the link :)
  3. Chateauhv

    Review After using 1 Year

    how can u compare to something u havent used lol and in the video u clearly using ducky aa lol, thats what i said with js its good
  4. Chateauhv

    Review After using 1 Year

    does it works, i really havent tried that
  5. Chateauhv

    Review After using 1 Year

    So I have been using OT since the release of v4 not regularly but yeah often and i have come to conclusion- Rage bot- 8.5/10 I really like the rage bot considering it doesnt miss body aims unlike other cheats, Double tap is swift and accurate too, adding Lag peek made it so much superior to...
  6. Chateauhv

    how it is onetap now?

    for casual 16k hvh is best, onetap better than skeet and neverlose. For 1v1/5v5 i dont recommend
  7. Chateauhv

    good guy from china, good friend

    good guy from china, good friend
  8. Chateauhv

    My onetap review.

    u have that cheat?
  9. Chateauhv

    My computer has a new system. Please update it for me

    my computer has new system nice english
  10. Chateauhv

    My honest review about Onetap v4

    ot rage bot >all
  11. Chateauhv

    My onetap review.

    ot rage bot>all
  12. Chateauhv

    Onetap Problems

    brain issues & banned lol
  13. Chateauhv


    agree :)
  14. Chateauhv

    Is onetap v4 has overwatch bypass?

    lol nothin like ths
  15. Chateauhv


    i rarely miss on legit AA. strongly disagree
  16. Chateauhv

    I think you guys need an update :)

    everything is good, the only thing i feel ot doesnt has is enemy grenade predictions but thats fine. its doing very well rn tbh
  17. Chateauhv

    onetap hvh highlights

    gg n1
  18. Chateauhv

    My review for onetap...

    nice brief feedback.. i think u need to configure legit bot good,
  19. Chateauhv

    Updated Honest and Detailed Review