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  1. DarthSlayer

    [SUB GIVEAWAY] Ended

    oo yessir ot sub 💪 Hopefully I can win so that I can grind on ot asia server
  2. DarthSlayer

    HvH Media With onetap 5-6k

  3. DarthSlayer

    HvH server rewards - June & July

    Tnx but Asia Onetap spread hasn't been up since the recent CS update on the 24th of June Will it be up again anytime soon?
  4. DarthSlayer

    An Honest Review for Onetap in 2022 HVH

    I just went from using skeet and neverlose and then subbed ot afterwards. Ragebot (5/10) - First thing is the resolver is bipolar, it can tap everyone in a round then go back to hitting air. - Misses bt alot(could be config issue but whatever) doesnt even shoot bt at times with extended bt. -...
  5. DarthSlayer

    imagine only 40k OT newcomer

    imagine only 40k OT newcomer
  6. DarthSlayer


  7. DarthSlayer

    WE BAN U NOW!!

    WE BAN U NOW!!
  8. DarthSlayer

    Defensive DT

    probs same thing Def dt is also anti prediction
  9. DarthSlayer


  10. DarthSlayer

    Best hvher

    Best hvher
  11. DarthSlayer

    My Nightmare ft. x futuresight.js

    Ngl, like the editing
  12. DarthSlayer


  13. DarthSlayer

    [IMG] The face when Joined: Yesterday at 4:51 AM

    The face when Joined: Yesterday at 4:51 AM
  14. DarthSlayer

    Onetap Resolver

    Broken resolver What most ppl here are tryna say is "go make baim playstyle" pretty much the only way to solve miss 🥱 Most ppl here are probs just scared to admit that resolver is bad + probs haven't even used gs nor nvl or even aimware lmao
  15. DarthSlayer

    my feedback after one week

    Probs just from the skeet user itself paid luas/actual good luas>resolver best to just baim your way