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  1. llama

    Legit Bot & Movement

    We're glad to announce that we've just pushed out a new update to CSGO which packs a lot of changes, improving the over-all experience of our software. Legit — Target For legit bot targeting, we've completely reworked the customization for more precise activation of the aimbot...
  2. llama

    Something is coming...

  3. llama


    Hey there, We just want to remind you that your account is your responsibility and we do recommend to use two factor authentication to prevent your account getting hijacked. To enable 2FA, go to your account settings. If you refuse to use two factor authentication and your account gets...
  4. llama


    we have just moved over our forum to xenforo! with it come many new features, like a full support system more plugins and add ons are planned, like full discord integration to celebrate, we've extended all subscriptions by 3 days enjoy