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  1. sPeC

    SPAS12 ft

    Like and comment <3
  2. sPeC

    FATE - semirage highlights #2 ft.

    Be on the lookout for the release of! Get my configs here!
  3. sPeC

    Darkklight teaches 10 min scam school

    Don't feed the monkeys BTW these are fake: EDIT 1 hour after original post: HE...
  4. sPeC

    MOLOTOV ft. Onetap (HvH Highlights #2)

    Old clips from early 2020, so no this is not the crack. I'm just WAY too lazy to edit Like and comment is always appreciated <3
  5. sPeC

    Honest Review - Onetap go brrrrrrrr

    First off, let me make it clear that any comparisons I make are for the lone reason of example :) Okay so let me start this out with a little background about myself when it comes to CS/HvH, I played CS legit since 2014ish where I got about 1,500 hours until about three or so-ish years ago (at...
  6. sPeC


  7. sPeC

    Prime.cfg Too Strong for configs :)
  8. sPeC

    HvH Highlights :)