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  1. Skykit

    Updated Honest and Detailed Review

    Originally I wrote a review of Onetap v4 here and it certainly could have been better. Now that months have passed and I've had more time to play around with different settings I've had a change of heart and mind. Below are my honest thoughts and opinions on how the cheat performs and feels...
  2. Skykit

    Honest and Detailed Review over v4

    Before I start this review, I'd like to make this clear. Any poor rating I give is not an attack on onetap as it's an honest review from my standpoint. I will be comparing V4 and it's performance to other cheats. This will be an unbiased and entirely truthful review based on my experiences thus...
  3. Skykit

    Feedback for v4 on day 1

    I'll be breaking this down for each category of what I feel needs to be worked on. This is genuine feedback because I do want the best for OT. Rage Bot The rage bot feels much faster than what I remember in early v3, so that's a plus. How ever, I feel that the resolver needs major work. Just...