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  1. CLUBY918

    My Opinion as of 25/4/2021

    Intro My experience with Onetap V4 has been disappointing, I'll be going over the Menu, Rage, Visuals, Performance(optimization) and Scripting, since I don't use the legit bot, I won't be giving my feedback on it. Keep in mind this is "my experience" over the past month, this won't reflect your...
  2. CLUBY918

    AU HvH servers

    Just curious will we ever have a official ot hvh server in AU
  3. CLUBY918

    My experience on OT for a month

    Legit: 7-9/10 Can't say much because I don't use most of the legit bot features. Pros: -Great Features -Has many options Cons: -Non that I know so far Rage: 7.5/10 Pros: -Has fake duck -Has DT (double tap for the newbies) Cons: -Shoots fakes sometimes (resolver can be [interesting] at times)...
  4. CLUBY918

    quick question

    does cheating on a alt with the same computer get you vac because I have a main with a 400+ inv