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  1. Skykit

    Honest feedback after 22 days...

    Here are some quick tips to improving your OTV4 Experience: Force Safepoint after missing. If you miss more than you'd like, forcing safepoint tells the resolver to aim for safe overlap points between the desync and real hit box. Try different multipoint settings. Sometimes different...
  2. Skykit

    Updated Honest and Detailed Review

    Removed spoiler tags. Blur is gone.
  3. Skykit

    Updated Honest and Detailed Review

    Originally I wrote a review of Onetap v4 here and it certainly could have been better. Now that months have passed and I've had more time to play around with different settings I've had a change of heart and mind. Below are my honest thoughts and opinions on how the cheat performs and feels...
  4. Skykit

    Honest and Detailed Review over v4

    I would like to point out this review was made just after the release of v4 in October. People reading this months later or reacting months later are reading/reacting to an outdated post lmao. This is no longer an accurate review of Onetap so please take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Skykit


    Don't put him in my boat lmao. I'm 5 digit UID and not this dumb. OTv4 honestly pretty P
  6. Skykit

    yo this cheat missing so much yall fanboys will say user issue

    First shot: This was a doubletap. You teleported out and because you kept moving for a frame or two after you missed due to spread. Logs aren't prefect atm. Second shot: Hit Third shot: Hit Where is the issue? You missed due to spread in desync 2020. So where's the issue?
  7. Skykit

    suggestion list

    The nade issues can happen with every cheat. I've had it happen with skeet and aimware too. It usually comes down to fakelag and your anti-aim. If the problem persists please try finding a script that disables AA on nade or maybe legit AA on nade.
  8. Skykit

    Terrible support

    Here is a list of things you can do to potentially fix the issue. Yes you may have done all this already but I'd like to at least list it all off. Turn it off and back on. I'm well aware that this is a statement made redundantly but often is it the solution to many a problem. Update available...
  9. Skykit

    Honest and Detailed Review over v4

    I have PTSD from aimware forums lmao. I didn't think they would ban me for an honest review but I did want to make the disclaimer regardless.
  10. Skykit

    Honest and Detailed Review over v4

    Lol thank you. I wanted to give everything a clear and defined review, while still keeping it all organized and neat.
  11. Skykit

    Honest and Detailed Review over v4

    I do agree that safe point should just kind of always be on. Anti-brute and Jitter AA make it pretty hard for cheats to hit head consistently. However over all resolver performance in my eyes is incredibly lacking even with safe point enabled. Really needs an upgrade because honestly I find that...
  12. Skykit

    Honest and Detailed Review over v4

    Safepoint works fine for me. Does what it says and aims at spot it can hit better than say head or legs. With it disabled no matter what multipoint I use I end up missing a ton.
  13. Skykit

    Honest and Detailed Review over v4

    Before I start this review, I'd like to make this clear. Any poor rating I give is not an attack on onetap as it's an honest review from my standpoint. I will be comparing V4 and it's performance to other cheats. This will be an unbiased and entirely truthful review based on my experiences thus...
  14. Skykit

    Feedback for v4 on day 1

    I'll be breaking this down for each category of what I feel needs to be worked on. This is genuine feedback because I do want the best for OT. Rage Bot The rage bot feels much faster than what I remember in early v3, so that's a plus. How ever, I feel that the resolver needs major work. Just...