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  • Dear administrator, I am very keen to use this product and will use it for a long time. However, due to my operation error, I lost the components of the computer and the computer could not be used normally. So I had to re install my computer system, so I can't use the product now. I hope you can agree with my application.
    Hello, dear Mr. onetap administrator, I venture to disturb you. I am a player who loves OP very much. After my efforts, I finally bought op. however, due to the problem of the computer bound at home before, I replaced the computer at school. Now I can't unbind and log in. I want to waste your precious time to unbind my op. thank you very much
    Hello, dear administrator, I take the liberty to disturb you. Because the computer is broken, I replaced it with a new one. Can you help me reset hwid? I really disturb you. If you can help me, thank you very much🥺
    Dear OneTap Administrator: I have a problem with my computer, I have reinstalled the system. I will reset the hwID now, but it is waiting to be processed. I know this will bother you. Please help me, I will be very grateful for your help
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